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Course Change

It is not uncommon for international students to enrol in a course from overseas and change to a different course or even change the provider once they arrive in Australia. This could be attributed to a lack of course knowledge, institute, or incorrect advice from an overseas education agent. Before you decide to change your course and/or institute, you must understand certain visa conditions that have been placed on your student visa. Way2Oz can assist in choosing the right course and institute and assist in the admission process as well.

How can I change courses?

Student visa holders willing to change courses and stay at the same education provider may do so if the course is at the same level or higher than their existing course. However, if you wish to study a lower-level or non-AqF course than what you are currently studying, you will have to apply for a new student visa, or else you will breach your visa conditions. If you switch to a new course shorter than what you were enrolled in, you either need to leave Australia within 28 days of course completion or enrol yourself in a new study course and apply for a new student visa within that period. If you switch to a new course longer than the course you enrolled in, you must apply for a new student visa prior to the expiration of your visa.

How can I change providers?

Student visa holders planning to change their education provider must ensure they continue to meet all the conditions that apply to their student visa. After completing six months or more of their principal course, the students can freely change their education provider at any time (if an agreement with their current education provider does not prevent them from doing so). However, if a student wants to change course before completing six months of the principal course and wants to change their education provider, they are required to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Obtain a letter of release from their current education provider.
  • The course they have enrolled in or their education provider ceased to be registered.
  • The ESOS agency has imposed a sanction on the registration of your education provider, and it prevents you from continuing the course through your provider.
  • You have a government sponsor who considers the change to be in your best interests and provides written support for education provider change.

Every education provider has a documented procedure for their transfer policy. You must thoroughly understand your education providers' transfer policy before enrolling with a new education provider. If your education provider does not allow you to transfer to another course/institution, you can appeal against the decision to your education provider. You can also appeal against the institution's decision to the State or Territory Ombudsman or the Overseas Student Ombudsman.

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What are the visa conditions?

Maintain Enrolment

The student visa holder must remain enrolled in a registered course.

Maintain AQF Level

You must maintain your enrolment in a registered course that is at the same AQF level or higher for which your student visa was granted.

Course Gaps

You must not have more than two months' gaps between your courses.
You can have a gap of more than two months only in certain circumstances, like the end of the academic year study break or at the completion of your studies when you apply for a new visa.

First six months

This is not a visa condition but a standard from the ESOS Act, which sets out that registered education providers must only enrol an overseas student wishing to transfer from another institute after the student completes six months of their principal course. If you wish to change institute within the first six months, you must get a release letter from your original institute before enrolling in the new institute.

Can I switch to a lower-level course as I wish to pursue an easier course?

Yes, you can change to a lower-level course. However, you will have to apply for a new student visa and provide a legitimate reason for enrolling in the new course.

How do I obtain a Letter of Release?

You can obtain a Letter of Release from your current education provider by explaining why you no longer wish to continue studying at that institution. You must give a compelling and justifiable reason.

Will changing course affect my student visa?

If you switch to a non-AQF or lower-level course, your student visa will be impacted. Enrolling in a lower-level or non-AQF course will breach your visa conditions; therefore, you need to apply for a new student visa.

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