Aged Parent Visa

Subclass 804

Aged Parent 804 Visa Australia

An aged parent (804 visa) allows an aged parent of a settled Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia. This is a permanent visa similar to Parent Visa subclass 103. 

What does an Aged Parent (804 Visa) let you do?

An Aged Parent 804 visa lets a person live, work and study in Australia as a permanent resident. The applicant can sponsor eligible family members to come and stay in Australia. The individual can enrol in the public healthcare system of Australia and can also apply for Australian citizenship if eligible. On an Aged Parent visa, a person can travel to and from Australia multiple times for five years from the visa grant date. 

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What are the eligibility requirements for an Aged Parent 804 visa?



An eligible sponsor must sponsor the applicant. Usually, an 804 visa applicant will be sponsored by an eligible child. In case the child is under 18, then an eligible relative or community organisation can sponsor the Aged Parent visa applicant. The Department of Home Affairs must approve the sponsorship. 

Not having or applied for this visa before

An applicant cannot apply for an 804 visa if they have already applied or are holding a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 870) visa. 

Age requirements

An 804 visa applicant should be old enough to receive the age pension in Australia.

Meet the health requirements

The applicant and any family member who applies, along with the applicant, must meet the health requirements. The Department of Home Affairs might also ask other family members who have not applied for an Aged Parent visa to meet the health requirements.

Character requirement

The applicant and any family member who is applying for an 804 visa, along with the applicant, must meet the character requirements. The Department of Home Affairs might also ask other family members who have not applied for an Aged Parent visa to meet the character requirements. 

Have an assurance of support

The Aged Parent visa applicant must be able to obtain an assurance of support. It assures that the applicant won't rely on government assistance after entering Australia on an 804 visa.

Meet the balance-of-family test

The applicant must meet the balance-of-family test. The person meets this test if at least half of their children and step-children are eligible children or if they have more eligible children who live in Australia in comparison to any other single country. 

Previous visa cancellations and refusals

The applicant must not have had a visa cancelled before or a previous application refused.

Paid back to the Australian government.

If the applicant or any of their family members owe the Australian government any money, they must have paid it back or should have a formal arrangement to pay it back.

Best interests of the child

The Aged Parent visa Australia subclass 804 might only be granted to an applicant under 18 if it is in their best interests.

Acceptance of Australian Values Statement

If the applicant is 18 years or older, they must sign the Australian Values Statement.

Cost for Aged Parent 804 Visa?

Please visit department of home affairs website in order to find the recent cost for the visa. Visa Cost

Processing time for Aged Parent 804 Visa?

Processing time for this visa can vary. Please visit Australian government Site. Processing Time

How can you apply for Aged Parent Visa subclass 804?

You must be in Australia to apply for an Aged Parent visa. You must still be in Australia when the decision is made on your application. Any family members who are included in an 804 visa application must also be in Australia when applying for this visa.


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